Luxury Laminate Flooring

Unlimited colors, simple installation, and lasting natural looks is what makes Luxury Laminate Flooring the go-to choice for the high-traffic areas in your home and even in commercial spaces. With options to select from a large spectrum of colors and textures to attain the precise aesthetic you wish, at a fraction of the price of hardwood. You can make a bold statement with our laminate flooring, or create a classic feel – with our European Collection oak style laminate. Best of all, these laminates are backed by long term warranties, adding value and quality to your home while saving.

Odyssey Collection

Water Proof Laminate

“I hired Stefan from Millennium October 2016 for 2000 SF of hardwood and laminate work. All in all very professional service at an affordable price. I would recommend him for any type of flooring work.”
Viral P.

“Great service. I upgraded from carpet to laminate flooring. Stefan came down to my house in South Austin and gave me a quick estimate. By the end of that week my flooring was installed and now it feels like I’m living in a new house. Thank you!”
Marya H.

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