If you’re looking to bring more light indoors, there are a variety of stylish white flooring options to explore including:

Porcelain Tile

Catch the eyes of everyone with your flooring including even the most discerning designers with porcelain tile. Millennium Hardwood offers a variety of porcelain tile choices imported from Europe and Mexico to brighten up your space.

Engineered Wood

White Laminate Flooring Options

Looking for light laminate flooring

Riverside Oyster

Keystone Oak Steel

Riverside Oyster and Keystone Oak Steel emulates a sleek wood look that can brighten up a room.

White Oak Wood Flooring

White oak wood flooring is famous for its long-lasting benefits and timeless aesthetic. Light to medium brown tones, subtle grain patterns, and varying finishes – from natural to stained – allow homeowners to customize their look. Plus, with durable resistance against wear or insect damage, this classic option offers reliable solutions for high-traffic areas.

Timbertop Luxury Oak Flooring

Timbertop Luxury Oak Flooring has a variety of lighter designs. Timbertop’s sophisticated reactive stain and finish ensures that the veneer of each plank has the same color as its surface, making scratches and damages less likely and less noticeable.

Vinyl Flooring

Durable viable options also include Pandora by Hestia, Smoked Natural by Hestia , and other white choices. Vinyl is not only easier to clean compared to carpeting and other flooring, it’s also more comfortable to stand on thanks to a layer of underlayment placed underneath the vinyl during installation and most products are either water proof or water resistant.

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