Despite its huge presence inside a home, one of the first things many people overlook when thinking about decor and style is the flooring. Flooring plays a big part in the ambiance of a room and can even tie together other elements in your home. Factoring in foot traffic, cost, and your specific home needs can help you discover the perfect flooring for your home. Whether you are renovating a home or building from the ground up, here are some tips to help you select your new floors.

1. Foot Traffic

Think about your home as having different zones which will likely have different amounts of foot traffic, with living rooms and other common areas being used more. In bedrooms, for example, comfort upon waking up is a priority for many homeowners, so carpet is a popular flooring option in this part of the house. However, in many modern master suites, you’ll also see hardwood complimented with a rug for that added foot comfort and as a design feature. Carpet may not be the best choice if a room that has high foot traffic with kids and pets especially. In bathrooms, laundry rooms, and utilities you’ll also want to avoid carpet for something water resistant like tile or vinyl planks. In any room with moisture, you’ll want to also avoid wood as it can warp due to moisture; tile and vinyl are very popular choices. If comfort is a concern with any of those floor materials, you can also add a rug or carpet over them giving you endless options to create contrast or tie together a room.

2. Going for Elegance

Hardwood floors are still the standard in terms of creating an elegant look inside a home. If you’re concerned about placing hardwood in your kitchen due to moisture, you can safeguard your investment by using protective kitchen mats near your sink and stove oven. These will help protect your wood floors and give you the advantage that having hardwoods in the kitchen brings; makes your home look larger if it is less fragmented with different floors in different areas of the house.

3. Creating a Great First Impression

Within the entryway, you’re likely wanting to make a great impression. Or at the very least set the stage for the rest of your common areas’ designs. Consider materials that are stylish but also durable like vinyl or tile. If you opt for hardwood, then place a welcome mat and a shoe rack to help keep the entryway floors clean.

4. Balance Your Budget

Many flooring materials have different grades of quality and cost. Synthetic carpet for example is cheaper than berber, as is laminate over hardwood. If your budget is tight and you want something to emulate the look of wood, you may want to use laminate. Is this a rental or investment home? Upgrading the floors in a rental home can be a great investment. You will be able to reach better tenants, collect more rent, and if you select the right flooring you can save thousands in future spending by selecting something durable like luxury vinyl planks. Looking for inspiration? Checkout our project gallery for more ideas on the perfect flooring for your home. For Austin-area homeowners needing further assistance picking out flooring and installing it in their home, contact us today.
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