As you’re looking to establish the style of your home, one of the greatest design choices you can make is on the bedroom flooring. While you consider flooring options, you’ll need to also factor in the maintenance, lifecycle, and durability of each material.

Hardwood Flooring

In many newer homes, you’ll see hardwood beyond the personal offices and main living spaces. Master bedrooms containing hardwood have a very custom feel to them. The handcrafted approach to handscraped hardwood makes it a go-to choice for many Austin homeowners. Many high-end homes also contain hardwood flooring as it adds value to homes and can adapt to different décors. If you ever decide to change up the floor color, you may only need to do staining or sanding down. In the rest of your bedrooms as your children age, unlike carpet, you won’t necessarily need to replace hardwood. If hitting the cold floor in the morning is a concern, hardwood is warmer than most stone and tiles. Adding a throw rug can also make those first few steps of the day easier while adding another designer touch to the bedroom.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring has become a staple in many bedrooms for many reasons. Vinyl can display a similar look to stone or hardwood depending on what vinyl tiles you select. They offer a wide variety of designs to fit any home style you decide on. They require little maintenance with many manufacturers confident enough to provide 15+ year warranties. Compared to carpets, vinyl plank floors only require an occasional sweeping or mopping.

Laminate Floors

Laminate Flooring is a very budget-friendly alternative to hardwood that comes in many different earth tones. Emulating oak, hickory, and other popular woods, laminate is easy to install and fits with everything from Mediterranean to modern styles.


Concrete works well in warmer climates and has become one of the go-to choices in decisively modern homes. With staining, you can easily add a little more color to a bedroom room also. Concrete is very low maintenance and cost efficient but can be uncomfortable in a bedroom. Its cold, hard surface even with a rug is very unforgiving if you fall.


Wall-to-wall carpeting can be a little easier around kids playing. A neutral tone carpet is also durable for a variety of home styles. However, the cleaning can be more time consuming as you’ll have to vacuum very regularly. Living in Austin or the hill country it can get very dusty in a matter of a few weeks. Steam cleanings are also necessary if you want to get all the dust out of carpet. A dusty carpet can drastically reduce your indoor air quality. Durability wise, inexpensive carpets will only last you one to five years. A medium grade carpet is typically good for five to fifteen years. If you need help selecting a specific style or with installation from flooring professionals for your home, contact us today.
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