Laminate flooring has come a long way in the flooring industry since it’s first peak of popularity in the 1970s. What used to be a cheap flooring alternative that only came in greens and yellows has blossomed into an affordable, yet stylish flooring option. If you’re looking to replace the flooring of your current home, laminate flooring may very well be the best option for you. However, there are also a few reasons why it might not be the preferred option. Let’s jump into some of the pros and cons of laminate flooring below.



Laminate flooring is best known for its affordability. Because laminate is a man-made material, the costs of producing it continue to decline as technology improves, which translates to lower prices for the consumers. The cheaper cost of laminate flooring allows it to be used in large areas for a low price. Additionally, the installation cost of laminate flooring is significantly less than the cost to install other types of flooring (like hardwood). The affordable costs of both the material and installation will allow you to complete your home redesign for a relatively low investment.


A big reason to why laminate flooring has become so popular is because of the wide variety of styles, textures and sizes available on the market. Laminate flooring now comes in styles that look like wood, plastic, tile and even stone. The variations of laminate don’t end there! Laminate flooring also comes in a variety of texture finishes including: smooth laminate flooring, embossed laminate and hand-scraped laminate.With this variety of laminate flooring options and the affordable cost they can be purchased and installed at, it’s easy to see why so many people choose laminate flooring options. However, there are a few cons to laminate flooring to keep in mind.



One problem you may experience when choosing laminate floors will occur if you ever need to repair them. Laminate flooring doesn’t repair easily. If you purchase laminate flooring that snaps together, you might be able to find the correct replacement piece, however, because of sun and age, the new piece might not blend properly.


Laminate flooring has seams where the pieces of flooring connect in their ‘click and lock’ design. This is where the ‘pro’ of convenience of laminate flooring installation can become a ‘con’. The seams in laminate flooring cannot handle excessive levels of moisture. This means you have to take care to use special laminate floor cleaner. Additionally, you cannot install laminate flooring in places that would come into contact with extreme amounts of water. While normal water contact from a kitchen sink is okay, any place that could be flooded regularly or easily (like bathrooms) would not be a good candidate for laminate floors. Is laminate flooring the right choice for your lifestyle? If so, give us a call today for a free quote!
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