Sure you may have decided on hardwood flooring. But there are many potential options from engineered to solid. Think about your absolute dealbreakers. Do you have a very specific budget? Or do you want an option that requires the least amount of maintenance? It may be helpful to start by narrowing your options from here. Harder species can withstand more from pets and kids when it comes to scratches. With softer woods like pine, the signs of wear will be much clearer. A more solid hardwood can be sanded down in this case. However preventive care can also help ensure your flooring continues to look fantastic. You can also add rugs over your floors in high foot traffic areas to help prevent visible scratches. Then dig into the design with these specific details:

Wider Strips Versus Planks

Planks have a more rustic feel to them due to the more defined wood grain while the smaller width of strips can help make a room look larger.


Unlike solid hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood can be more effective on a home or building’s higher stories. Solid wood will expand due to humidity so it’s generally a better idea to incorporate it on the ground floor.


Both engineered and solid hardwood come in a variety of finishes whether you want something that arrives pre-finished or something that arrives at your home unfinished. Unfinished floors are then sanded and finished onsite. Pre-finished flooring includes a warranty on the finish to help you and you can still choose from distressed, wire brush and different glosses to get you the look you’re pining for. If you still need help selecting a hardwood floor design along with installation for your Central Texas home or commercial property, contact us today.
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