You recently bought a home or are looking to upgrade your current home. You decided to get hardwood floors. Easy, right? Not so fast. Not so easy. There are many factors that will determine what type of floor your home can accommodate, also what will be the best look with your décor and furnishings. There are some options and we are here to give you details on wood flooring installation, cost and more to help you pick the right flooring. If you think of hardwood you are probably thinking of solid wood. Thick, solid planks of wood that are ready finished. Engineered wood however is a great alternative, and many times a better alternative to solid wood. It is made of a veneer layer supported by a core of plywood. Engineered hardwood deals better with moisture and is highly recommended for concrete slab subfloors. The construction of the subfloor you will be installing on is important to know before you get ready to make a big purchase. Solid wood is a great option for homes with large floorplans, a versatile floor that can be customized, refinished and handcrafted to fit the look and theme of the home. On ground level and second level solid wood can be a great choice, the installation process can be very different on the ground level however compared to a second floor area. Ground level areas are usually concrete slabs whereas second level have a plywood subfloor and installation is much simpler since product can generally be installed right over the plywood subfloor. Solid wood however is not recommended to be installed below ground level (basements). The possibility of moisture affecting the solid wood would be much higher in a below grade environment. Most Central Texas homes however are very friendly to engineered hardwood. Austin area homeowners for example have embraced the engineered hardwood, moving away from carpet which can be hard to maintain, and away from tile which sometimes can feel coo and less comfortable.


Austin homes are most suitable for engineered hardwood floors.

Solid wood can still be a great option for your home.

Check your subfloor and find out if its concrete or plywood before selecting your new floor.

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