One of the fasted growing flooring options that homeowners flock to, is vinyl flooring. Specifically new formats of plank vinyl that offers many benefits and great value to the home. Vinyl flooring comes in sheet, tile or plank forms. The fasted growing products in the vinyl family is the plank vinyl. These products are easier to install compared to sheet vinyl (which is next to impossible to do it as a DIY) and for the most part there is no longer a need of adhesives or other bonds that would add cost to your project.

Benefits of Vinyl Plank Flooring

  • Compared to tile and even hardwood, vinyl plank flooring is a softer surface and more comfortable. The added flexibility of the floor make it more comfortable for walking and standing on over a long period.
  • Vinyl plank, just like wood products comes in a large variety of styles and colors. New high definition technology allows manufacturers to produce vinyl products that have a vibrant, authentic wood look, giving a warm and natural feel to your home. Often our customers are pleasantly surprised to find out that what they are holding and looking at is vinyl and not hardwood.
  • Resilience. Vinyl planks are extremely resilient and virtually unaffected by moisture, dirt, water or damaged by pets. Most manufacturers provide a minimum 15 years warrantee on hard surface vinyl guaranteeing its durability.
  • Save on the demolition. Vinyl plank floors are a great option if you have tile that is difficult and expensive to remove. Installing vinyl flooring over warren-out and cracked tiles is a great way to save. Demolition costs run high and sometimes make up to 30% of a project. Install without doing the demo work means great savings for you.
  • Easy to maintain. Cleaning and maintaining a vinyl-flooring surface is extremely easy. Recent customers we have surveyed have mentioned the easy maintenance as one of the many reasons they are happy with the vinyl plank. Simply sweep and mop with basic household tools and products and your floors will look fantastic. Did we mention that most vinyl products are virtually stain resistant?
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